super 8 wedding filmshand crafted

Super 8 Wedding Films preserves your day through the lens of antique cameras, creating a uniquely sentimental and nostalgic memory. We use vintage Super 8mm cameras and film stock to capture the beauty and details of your day. The result is more than just a video; its a memento.

What You Should Know

Super 8 was the predominant medium for creating home movies a generation ago but it now, quite literally, an antique art form. The movies we make don’t just look old, they are actually made on old cameras and obsolete film stock. There is no way to truly recreate the feeling of authentic Super 8 filmmaking with digital cameras, not matter how good they are. The world of film is made up of happy accidents and unexpected surprises. If you’re interested in adding a Super 8 Wedding Film to your wedding photography package, contact us and we’ll talk it over. ¬†Also, our Super 8 cameras are available for you to rent for your wedding, vacation, or family home movie. You film it and we’ll edit it and make a short highlight film for you.

Note: Not all weddings are a fit for it to be filmed in Super 8, because of ceremony restrictions or lighting environments.

– All shoots are done with single cameraman

-Super 8 Film is silent. There is no audio on the recording.

-Daylight/outdoor locations provide best filming condition.